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So I'm thinking about getting out of my current line of work and getting into basic remaps. There's loads of competition about so it would be more of a sideline to see where it goes. I've spoken to a friend in the game and he said he wouldn't do it again! Basically the risk of bricking an ecu isn't worth the hassle in his opinion, he gave me a few examples which sounded awful. But I am quite determined so wanted to hear others opinion/suggestions on where to start. I want to start small just using downloaded maps and flashing ecu's, avoiding ecu out jobs if possible to start out with. I'm pretty up to speed with how aftermarket ECU's work and made some tweaks to my own Link ECU but re-flashing is a different ball game obviously.

So questions are-

Is it worth it?

What kit to buy for a newbie? (Kess V2 seems the popular choice)

There's a few courses around, are they any better than the info I've already signed up for from HP Academy?


I'm going the same route except that i am going to invest in a Roller/hub dyno.

i'm checking out Dimsport Genius and Autotuner alongside Kess v2.

one advice i can give is if you decide to "download" a map, make sure it is safe.

You have to check everything in it before you flash it in and as always save a backup of the original BIN/XDF.

in UK u have Quantum and celtic tuning and lots others. Which have you looked in to buying maps from?

Also make sure you have a good CTEK charger to use when flashing/reading.

Thanks for the reply.

I have looked at both quantum and celtic as well as a handful of others, they seem to be the big players here.

Many companies offer a franchise deal but I am reluctant to be tied into one company especially if they only offer 9-5 support and maps.

I've briefly looked at autotuner but haven't come across Dimsport yet so will take a look.

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