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Hello guys have any body try this CDI ignition M&W pro drag 4 500mj with Aem pencil coils.

M&w instructions say dont use aem pencil cdi coils but thee dont explain y.

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the M&W CDI is a F* good module, i use a AEM CDI V2 with Denso cop coils.

The AEM coils are not so good actually.

the AEM and M&W module works in the same principle, no mather what you can use COP coils,

the things is that the M&W is so powerfull the tend to break the AEM coils.

I am running now on my skyline for some years now the Denso 129700-4510 or 129700-4800 coils (GSXR6500, GSXR1000, kawasaki etc), try to get them, they are strong, fire good, more powerfull then OEM and AEM.

WeaponX coils are also good choice.

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For best results M&W recommends the MSD Ignition 8232 Performance Blaster Coils, they are not COP.

@Gojira , pretty neat job, love your engine bay.

even Rips Racing is using these Denso coils on his drag monsters :)

And thnx, but my engine bay still not finished yet, new exhaust manifold, wastegate and turbo needs to be bolted on

may be. I simply stated what was answered to me by email from M&W. Sure, a COP is neater but I still stick with what they recommended.

I use parts that have set results,

And is proven to run good.

I don't think Rips Racing is using them on there world record drag runs if they weren't any good.

M&W download files list the Denso COP 129700-3881. These are the coils I use.


I've used the M&W Pro Drag 250 and 500 units on various projects and they're a great CDI. They are however quite sensitive and you can have trouble with the unit reliability with some coils - I'd guess this is why the AEM pencil coils aren't recommended. I've personally used the AEM coils with a M&W 250 and had no trouble but can't speak for the 500. The other coil that I used to use with the M&W was the old mercury CDI coil - These are a pain in the ass though as you can't easily adapt an ignition lead directly onto them. M&W used to supply the mercury coil but seem to have revised their recommendations.

Thanks for the reply guys. So Gojira the denso cop are strong running 50psi boost and up on E98 that what I am planning to run.i do have a 500mj m&w box. I don't really want to run cdi coils with sparkplug leads.

yes they will and can without any problem.

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