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I'm in the need for some new terminal pins for the loom side connection to the CDi.

Does anyone recognise the manufacturer of these at all please?


A photo of the actual connector or the brand/model of the cdi would be more useful.

M&W, Autronic, and the most of the Motec ones use econoseal III from memory.

Hi Adam,

Didn't the photos come through in my first post? The CDi is a Yamaha 'bike one


There are two photos of the terminal. No photo of the connector they are from.

How's this:


Sorry, that is not one I recognise at all. It looks kind of Sumitomo or Furukawa ish, but not any of the common series you see in cars.

I would try emailing pics to Corsa Technic and Cycle terminal since they do a lot more bike stuff to see if either of them recognise it.

Thanks for checking Adam. I've dropped Corsa Technic a line; I'm not sure if Cycleterminal are still in business as I tried contacting them a couple of months back and heard nothing?


An update to close off this thread.

I got hold of both Cycleterminal and Corsa Technic, and Eastern Beaver and between them we managed to get these connectors and terminal pins identified - the connector is a Mitsubishi connector with Furukawa DEW terminal pins.


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