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change in afr after after idling or long drive

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car is a starlet fitted with a link g4+ using rx8 yellow injectors , I don't have a tps fitted or a iat sensor , as u can see from the log after idling for a short time the afr is very rich (start of log ) after a few miles the afr will go a lot leaner , the dead times for the injectors are unknown to me so I left the at default , battery v difference was only around .15 max so I don't think its related , I fitted wide band rite at the down pipe but I don't its a heat problem with wideband as car was never driven hard . I might try I fit a tail pipe wide band sensor tomorrow for ref to see if its a false reading from wide band but I doubt it

thanks for any help

map sensor is cheap and nasty might be worth adding

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Might be worth adding I've wired the injectors batch using out put 1&2 of the ecu , tonight I checked all earths , fuel pressure , wideband , voltage at the injectors to see if it matche ecu , all looks to be fine really struggling with this one

I would strongly recommend firstly fitting an IAT sensor to the engine. IAT is a pretty important input to the ideal gas law as IAT effects the air density. This is even more important on a turbocharged engine as you will usually see a wider spread of air temperature than a naturally aspirated engine.

While not strictly relevant to your question, I'd also suggest adding a TPS as it gives superior control over accel enrichment and can also be used to control the idle better.

Is there a reason why you're running the injectors batch fire? I'd always recommend wherever possible running full sequential injection.

There's not other then I wanted to make it plug in to the stock wiring loom , il add a iat sensor and rewire the injectors , do u think the wiring of the injectors could be part of my problem

Thanks for the input , today I wired up the stock Toyota iat sensor even tho it's mega slow I could see it was a small part of my problem , I could see as the iat went up the afr getting richer , i also found out my map sensor was going +- 10kpa after a drive, I've a new gm iat sensor ordered and gm 3 bar map sensor

Thanks again for ur input

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