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Charge cooler loop pressure

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I'm speccing up a pump for a water-to-air charge cooler loop. Flow rates are key, but are highly dependent on the pressure the pump sees. Does anyone have any rule of thumb numbers for what kind of pressure/flow they see with any common pumps?

If you check the manufacturers' websites, they should have a flow Vs pressure and, probably, Vs voltage/current draw across the pump - I assume you're looking at electric water pumps?

For example, such as found here - https://daviescraig.com.au/category/electric-water-pump-12volt

Thanks Gord. I have that data and I know what flow rate I want to target. What I don’t know is a where on the pressure/flow chart I’m likely to be, or how to make an informed guess.

is it as simple as drilling and tapping in a manometer either side of the pump and vary the duty cycle through the range (usually 10%-100%) and map the H2O height difference accross the pump as this is what it sees?

the radiator cap is a constant pressure so i believe has no affect.

I think the point he is making is that the intercooler manufacturer/supplier should provide a flow/pressure curve so you can spec the right pump in the first instance.

I hadn't got to that, so good to see you bringing it up, Michael.

It's going to be the whole system that has to be considered, and I would expect him to have a separate liquid > air cooler for best affect, which would also need to be taken into consideration or, if using the engine's radiator, the pressure gradient between the charge cooler's intake and outlet, which can be quite a few PSI, mBar, or whatever terms are preferred.

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