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Hey guys,

Can anyone help or recommend a load bearing chassis dyno to hire in the UK, ideally Midlands but I will travel for the right help.

I'd like to hire for 2/3 days in the new year to map a couple of cars - I need a 4wd load bearing setup. This will be the first time I have used a chassis-dyno so will need some initial hand-holding on the dyno operation side of the job.

I have some dynos local to me however the owner/operators are the download-flash-tune type who just look blankly at your when you ask about instant torque display & operating in steady state etc so I'd rather spend my money with actual professionals. Can anyone help or recommend?



EDIT: If anyone can correct my typo in the thread title that would be great! Cheers... :)

Hi Alex, I'm aware this post is a few years ago. But we have recently set up a AWD Chassis Dyno at Pole Position UK Tuning Based in Wolverhampton West Midlands. If this is still something you are looking for please get in touch 01902 605037 ext 303.