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Check Engine Light on Hot Rod with GM 1994 engine/ECM

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A friend inherited a Model T hot rod from his dad who passed away a year ago. It has a GM 94-95 LT1 using a 16188051 ECM. It has a running problem and we want to read the codes to help diagnose the problem. It uses the GM OBD1 12 pin ALDL connector. To read the codes, two pins are jumpered, then the codes are blinked on the the check engine light.

However, his dad never hooked up the check engine light, and we dont have a access to a GM ALDL scan tool. (OBD2 tools dont read this protocol, even with an adapter cable).

So we would like to hook up the CEL.

Looking at the 16188051 ECM pinout, there is no obvious "check engine light" or "service indicator" pin. There is however a "MIL CONTROL" pin. Would this be for the check engine light? Is it as simple as hooking in an LED with current limiting resistor?

Here is a web page with pinouts: https://camaroforums.com/forum/lt1-lt4-tech-9/16188051-pcm-pinout-diagrams-70218/

thanks for the help.

MIL stands for Malfunction Indicator Light, and is the "Check Engine Light". I suspect you will find this output grounds when the light would be active. So you can hook up a small lamp, or an LED with a current limiting resistor to control the brightness.