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Checking base timing with non removeble cop's.

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Hy Guys!

My engine swap is now running but i like to check the ignition timing with a light to see if its right. Now duw to my engine swap i can only remove my coils when i drop or tilt the engine. Its not really possible to lower the engine and have it running the same time so i was wondering whats the best way checking timing? Can i use the signal on my ignition output to activate the light? Would i use a second coil wired on the ignition output and use that?

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There's a couple of options you can use here. Often you can connect your timing light to the low voltage side of the coil and it will still trigger. If that doesn't work then you could disable the injector on number 1 cylinder, connect a spare coil to the ignition output for number 1 cylinder and then run a short ignition lead to a spark plug earthed on the chassis. Obviously while performing this test the engine will be running on 3 cylinders and hence it will be quite rough but this is a technique you can use.

You can get extension leads that connect to the COP like a spark plug and have a short length of HT wire. Here is one you can buy (search Google for Picoscope dealer in your country):

Oops -- I missed that you physically can't removed the COP units....