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Choosing between GT3082 and GTX3076 gen2

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Question here for turbo experts.

After a fire incident, I had my garret 3582 destroyed but still got the tial turbo housing left, t3 flange, 2853 .82 (pic below)

Currently looking to buy a GT3082 dual ball bearing turbo (pic nr 2 below) and willing to fit the tial turbo housing to it.

Is it going to be ok in terms of spool time and power band? Aiming at 500hp. also, regarding the compressor housing options, which one would you recommend? (pic nr 3 below).

Also, should I get the anti-surge option? (pic nr 4)

Also, I am also looking at a GTX3076 gen 2, of course this would be much more expensive, but I am asking because I would like to know if it's worth the price difference (I would save 650 USD on a GT3082, considering I have the hot side housing.)

Thank you

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You haven't given any information about the engine so it's a little hard to give you solid feedback. In general the 3582 and 3082 would not be my choices for a 500 hp (flywheel) target. The GT35 compressor wheel is complete overkill and using the larger turbine wheel with the GT3082 would give you more lag than the likes of a 3076. This of course is dependent on your engine though. Just to throw a spanner in the works though I'd seriously be considering the G25-550 or G25-660 if spool is your key concern. The new G series turbos are a newer generation of wheel designs offering superior flow and less inertia which aids spool. Give us a little more info and I'm happy to add some more suggestions.