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Closed loop to open loop when should we transition?

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I see this table a lot on oem ecu , there is RPM load or injector pulse, what is general guideline for this ?

For the EVO or STI i always just try open loop as soon as boost is build, how do you guys set yours and how do you set it for n/a cars?

Is there any benefits setting it earlier to prevent knock?

Personally, I log my transition into OL on a 3rd gear pull. I believe the changes are based on Throttle Pos, IPW and RPM. I take note of the boost levels and set a point where I'm comfortable with the transition (ultimately up to you). I like my higher RPMs to be in OL as well so I add that transition for low load high rpm. I've heard some guys that transition earlier that air on saftey where as others who wait till 10psi or so for fuel economy (I suppose the theory is that you're not switching back and forth between open and closed loop thus you're not losing fuel to unjust richness, however if your Primary Open Loop fueling targets are setup and on point this shouldn't be a concern). Again, not my theory but a different approach. Generally if I'm over 40-50% I want to be in OL, however I have this set higher (75% or so ) then I use the IPW to determine where it switches to OL based on my boost/load. As for the RPM table, I like to kick it into OL anywhere after 4500 or so, I've seen some lower this. That's what works for me, I'm sure there are other theories floating around.

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