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Clutch Master Cylinder Pump unit recommendations for Hollinger / Paddle shift ?

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Can you share your experience and recommendations with electric- hydraulic clutch units, brand and model, to be used with a paddle shifted Hollinger?

Currently the gearbox is all set up, paddle shifting is working, but no clutching yet.

Is a travel sensor really needed? And how about adjusting the bite-point?

ECU is M150 GPRP.

Thank you in advance.


Is this in reference to using (a) clutch paddle(s) instead of a pedal to operate the clutch?

If so, not something I've experience of, but should be possible to reference proportional line pressure to the spring loaded paddle position using a potentiometer.

If unsuccessful searching, possibly check the options for electrically operated hydraulic/air trailer brakes?

Yes Gord

The clutch is to be operated via steering wheel switch paddle wich is basically a digital switch.

I do have a actuator unit from Lamborghini (Bosch) here, but unfortunately it contains a control unit which speaks Bosch CAN communication and I can not reverse engineer all of that. Hence looking for an aftermarket solution.

The clutch really is only to be used to launch from standing start and out of the pit lane.

For the actual paddles you could use something like this.

All of the pedal-less clutch systems that i have looked at have used a potentiometer to read the position of the clutch paddles and translates this into a clutch master position request (also using feedback of position) I have not seen one that only uses a digital On/Off switch for clutch control. i have seen a digital switch linked to the launch control that overrides the clutch position request switch to dump the clutch on launch, but you still use the position request paddle to get the clutch to the bite point beforehand.

Did a little bit more investigation, and there are 12V proportional valves that, I think, could use a power steering's hydraulics as a power source - if your vehicle already has that in place it might simplify things?

I had been thinking a possible option may be some form of linear motor pushing back on a ram as a hydraulic force source, but then re-considered and a simple linear motor may be a more simple option, maybe with the potentiometer regulating the position by current draw?

I don't think you're really going to need some other form of feedback, such as for the 'bite point', if the driver has a reasonable feel in their fingers.

I'd be interested in how you get on with this, as it may open up options for a gear lever mounted clutch, better brake pedal positioning, etc.

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