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Clutch switch activation voltage in link g4.

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Hi all,

I am having a little bit of a struggle with maybe finding a way to adjust the voltage in the link ECU at which the ECU thinks the Clutch is engaged. since I have a clutch that engages just off dead bottom and the ECU thinks it actually on all the way at the top it causing the car to bog extremely bad. Any way of changing the voltage at which the ECU thinks the clutch is engaged?

I would have expected a clutch switch to just be on/off? Or is it a variable voltage position sensor?

G'day Michael.

What's the car?

OEM clutch switches are typically like a brake light switch, they have a threaded body, and are actuated by the pedal. You should be able to unplug it, and thread it in or out of its mounting a bit to adjust the point where it switched to be closer to the clutch bite point.

i use something like this , mount on an adjustable sliding bracket , wire it it up to a DI input , set right on a 2 step its very effective , i have one on a MK1 Escort cozzie , the rpm is set to 2500rpm launches great.

There's nothing wrong with the switch you're using but my guess is that it's mounted in the wrong spot - Probably right at the top of the clutch pedals travel. Whatever you're using for a clutch switch will need to be setup to switch at the point where the clutch actually engages. This can be a bit of trial and error and it helps if there's some adjustability built into the switch and/or mount to allow you to get this just right.

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