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cobb access port fuel correction swings wildly

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2002 wrx wagon

stock intake

blouch16g turbo


iag fuel rails and lines

deatchwerk dw400 fuel pump

stock motor

stock heads

cobb turboback exhaust

hi everyone, i hope all your tunes are going well.im trying to get my closed loop finished, and i"am stuck......my fuel correction is swinging from -25% to 25% and the fuel learning#1 wont even try to drive it to zero. the cobb tuning guides say something about adjusting a map in the closed loop sub menu, but i tried playing around with the load compensation maps which resulted in no change. its weird because it seems to idle and run just fine. any help is much appreciated, thank you

Can you describe what operating conditions the fuel corrections are changing rapidly? Is it when doing steady state cruising? When you accelerate? When you change gears? What is the intake manifold pressure doing in relation to the fuel correction swings? Does it happen at all engine speeds, or just in a narrow range of RPMs?

What is the fuel level? I get caught out occasionally, when the fuel level is low and the pump can't deliver solid fuel, but the closed loop tries to correct by adding all the fuel it's allowed.

it stays at -25% at idle and swings to 25% under acceleration and then settles back to -25% at cruise. tank is normally full or half tank.

Perhaps the injector characterization isn't correct. What did you change when fitting the ID1300 injectors? If the deadtimes were too large, that would explain the idle/cruise behavior.

Do all the sensor values seem logical? Manifold Pressure, Inlet Air Temp, Throttle Position are critical to the conditions you describe.

Yeah that sounds like deadtime and/or flow aren't right.

Injectors that size on 4 cylinders it seems especially, if a factory pulsation damper has been removed and aftermarket not filled can get weird harmonics that require massive alterations to fuel map.

thanks guys for getting me pointed in the right direction, i got it sorted.