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Cobb or Haltech for '06 STI

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I'm sorry if this is not a proper question but I'm hoping someone can comment on what they would do in my situation as I haven't been able to find the info I am looking for.

I have a 2006 STI and am building the car the make 800+ whp. I can go into more details if needed. I want opinions on if sticking with what 99% of the Subaru community does with a Cobb is the way to go or if I should do a Plug and Play Haltech Elite 2500. It's about $1500 (USD) price difference between the two which I don't mind spending if, in your opinion, there are features that Cobb can't match.

Thanks in advance.


Hello, it's a personal thing really both are great and i don't see any advantage either way really.

The aftermarket ecu would be easier to learn on

Regards Ross

Thanks Ross. I may be mistaken but I thought there were extra safety parameters that could be set on the Haltech (i.e. oil pressure drop tells the ecu to go into limp mode). Is something like that possible under either system?



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