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Cold Start: immediate stalling

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I've be struggling with a cold start (after sitting for 2+ hours) issue for a LONG time. What's happening is the engine fires and the AEM V2 goes from Stat Cranking to Stat Running, then immediately stalls out. It will do the same for a couple more attempts, then will fire up and stay running on the third or fourth attempt with no throttle input. I've tried adjusting Initial Crank Pulse, Start Extra vs Temp and Start Extra Decay with just about the same results. I am running around in circles. I have a few questions on what could impact this. What should Initial Crank Pulse be? How does Crank Inject All impact this symptom? What's an ideal curve for RPM Offset vs Start? Is there a method to tune certain startup parameters in a particular order to eliminate variables? The engine is a 2JZGTE (supra) with FIC 2150 injectors, AEM V2, stock Supra ignition with HKS DLI. My cal file is attached. Please offer any suggestions. Thanks!

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That sounds a bit like an IAT sensor getting heat soaked. Could you log IAT, coolant temp and any compensations during your crank and post start?

Andre done a webinar on cold start tuning, it'll cover the terms and effects of changes for you:


Thanks for the video, it was good. I don't think I have a heat soak issue, as the symptoms are the same when the car sits over night or for days, garaged. It just doesn't want to start/stay running unless the engine is still warm (less than 2 hours). It will fire up and immediately stall. I will do some logging and upload some logs.

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