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Combination Fluid Temperature and Pressure sensor

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I've been using the Bosch combination fluid temperature and pressure sensor pictured, but I've seen enough failures that I'm interested in hearing what options, if any, are working for folks.

Specifically the failure mode is fluid comes out the back of the sensor, goes into the wiring and when it's water, shorts things out.

Combination temperature and pressure is favorable from an ease of install standpoint on builds that aren't full motorsports grade, but if it turns out there simply isn't an option that's worthy, I'm also happy to be told that and stick to the separate units I generally don't have issues with.

Thank you in advance!


Thought I'd commented?

Anyway, are you positive they were genuine Bosch items, and not counterfeit - I would have thought one failure unlikely and multiple to be most unlikely for a reputable brand.

Also, do you have the sender model number, or the thread, pressure and temperature range, etc. details?

I seem to recall Honeywell* offering combination units, but may be mistaken, it's been a while. Failing that, some of the specialist motorsport companies may have something, but $$$s.

*Uh, looks like they're just offering industrial units - https://sps.honeywell.com/us/en/products/advanced-sensing-technologies/industrial-sensing/industrial-test-and-measurement/pressure-transducers



Hi Gord,

Thanks! It's the Bosch PST-F 1 which is a 0-10 bar fluid temp and pressure sensor.

I get them from Link Engine Management. Data Link provides:


Data from Bosch attached.

They also have a higher pressure version but it's 0-280 bar which doesn't suit my needs (oil and water pressure), then a version which costs a few thousand dollars per unit, which is too costly.

Does anyone have firsthand experience with the Honeywell option?

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Hey Mike,

I have heard/read lots of positive things about Syltech sensors http://www.syltechsensors.com/

They have a few different options for combo pressure/temp.

Haven't had a chance to test one myself.


Thank you. The 4 pin DTM 10 bar is by the numbers a great option for me. Hopefully someone will chime in that they’ve used it and it’s gone well.

Hi Mike,

I've never failed a Honeywell MLH sensor (including when I installed a 100psi one into the front brake line) in normal operation.

I'm surprised by the Bosch failures as well, do you know if they where sent back to Bosch for analysis?

The genuine Bosch sensors part number is:

Bosch 0261230340

I've heard of people having failure on them but the fact that Porsche and many other manufacturers use them at OEM level on mass production cars I'm betting the failure rate is a tiny percentage.

As OE are using them only on oil systems I usually recommend customers only use them for oil as well


I let Link know, but I have not treated it like something I expected them to warranty, haven't sent them back, and I'm really just looking for a more robust solution. I don't expect them to give me new ones.


4 failed in oil, 1 in water so fluid type doesn't seem the concern.

Bosch makes great parts and it likely is a solid item in an OE environment with soft suspension and street use, but it's Bosch OE rather than Bosch Motorsport and on vehicles with stiffer mounts, stiffer suspension, more aggressive driving, the number of failures has led me to see what else is available. If Bosch had a reasonably priced motorsport version I'd certainly try it.

Hi Mike,

I was skimming over the text and missed you'd personally had the failures, your right, in a normal road car the sensors would likely last a little longer.

the Syltech sensors do seem to be a good alternative but I'd be almost tempted to stick to individual high-spec sensors if these didn't last

Yup if I need to go back to what I was using prior I will. I'm just hoping to save installers effort if I can.

I still use the Racegrade rebranded 0-150psig sensors for fuel pressure and that's what I'd go back to using for oil and water pressure if needed.

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