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Combustion smoke is there but engine wont start

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Hi ,

I have a little problem during the startup today, i have checked sparks and fuel, both are ok during cranking, engine acts like it will start and burning of fuel smoke comes out from exhaust and throttle pressed during cranking but unforunatly engine didn't start, i lock the ignition timing on 10 degree and timing light is used, crank pully notch showed 10 @ 90 dgree of crank angle, tooth offset is 0 what do you think guyes?

No bang and no missfire from exhaust, just burned fuel smoke was there, any advice or opinions regarding my issue?

Ecu is Haltech Platinium Sprint 500


Is this a new built on first start or a car that's been running before but wouldn't start this time round?

My first thoughts would be over fuelling or lack of compression, pull the plugs after starting it and see what condition they are in and then do a compression test

Dear Chris

Its a first time to start engine after bought it as used engine from the used engines shop, as you menstioned I didn't make any compression test yet, i pulled out the sparks and they were black and i cleaned them and and crank the engine, same issue was there, the FPR pressure is 3 bar , should i reduce the pressure or increase it and play with overall fuel trim? Regarding the compression test

i will do it today and any reference compression numbers to be in safe side? Like minimum pistons compression values that can let me know the compression is good, 100 + PSI? Or less

Thank you in advance

Some details on the Engine setup would probably help. It could be any of the following

1. Too rich on the fueling - Priming and fuel table between cranking to idle rpm

2. Incorrect trigger and home setup

3. Or engine too low on compression - like you have mentioned, anything over 100 psi shouldn't be a problem to get the engine started with correct setup


Thanks all for your help and participation, Dear Greedspeed, i did some updatdes today :

Compression test to all 4 cylinders 170 psi

I locked the ignition to 10 degree then used timing light to have a notch to 10 degree actual at crank pully

Disabled the lock and try to start engine but wont,

I discover that when i removed fuel rail with injectors attached to and cranking , no fuel spray then i put some fuel through the intake manifoled manualy and finally engine started, after that i did some test to the injectors wiring as follow:

Test light attached to the signal wire and crank the engine , pulse was there at all injectors, then i took the voltmeter and test the 12v wire of injectors while cranking it shows 11 v somthing at all injectors connectors, then i double chen the injectors resistances and shwoed 13.8 Ohms at all injectors , i changed 3 sets of same injectors and made same process on them, as i know regarding the injector impedence as said in the quick intallation guide manual the haltech 500 only run high impedence injectors,

So what do you think? What can i do now

I kept all tables as default but i changed the injector deadtime to 0.9ms at 14v oem 295cc denso injectors

Thanks in advance for any help

Engine is 4efte

Standard injectors 295cc denso

Coils on plugs

4efe trigger wheel 36-2+1 home also i used 4efe oil pump for crank sensor fixture

I took G1 and G- from dizzy connector for home signal

I will post the map when i will be at my laptop

Thank you

dear greedspeed,

i couldn't attach the file even when i added to winrar wizard

can i email it to you, if yes kindly send me your email


Based on what you have posted, it sounds like your injectors aren't supplying any fuel despite being pulsed by the ECU. This would typically be due to no fuel pressure, a wiring issue, or an injector that is jammed closed. If you put an LED test light across the injector plug and you're physically seeing a pulse during cranking then the injector should be operating and supplying fuel. It appears you've tested and eliminated most of the basic considerations already.

I've had the situation in the past where old injectors in a wrecking yard engine have become jammed after sitting for an extended period of time, making it impossible to start the engine. I'd try connecting 12V direct to one side of an injector and then briefly pulsing a ground to the other side. I've had this get a stuck injector operating in the past, however if they do start working I'd recommend having them flow tested and cleaned before you do any tuning.

Sure, Khalifa. I can be reached at greedspeed@gmail.com. I can have a look at the map if you like.

Hi Andre,

Thanks for replaying, i think i mixed up in map sensor settings, i am using internal haltech 500 map sensor and its rated 2.5 bar, while ign switch on and ecu online, the map reads -3.4kpa and what i know it should reads 100kpa, can wrong map sensor setting affect the opening if injectors?


Hi Greedspeed,

I've send you the file, its in you email now, thank you dear

Hi Khalifa, I managed to look at your map. A couple of things you can try.

1. Try untick the invert fuel pump signal. Or to be sure for the testing purpose wire the pump direct during cranking and see how it goes.

2. On the trigger setup, leave the -ve ground for both trigger and home untick unless you wire up the sp500 as piggy back maintaining the original ecu(usually on Auto Trans setup). see if it can solve your problem


Hello again Greedspeed,

Bro i am running full standalone setup , the fuel pressure is 3 bar and it doesn't drop while cranking

I will try to re-calibrate the throttle today and let you know how it will go

Thank you for your help

Can u send me the map and a data log of it cranking , do u have the tps calibrated ok , on some ecus (unsure with haltech) they won't fire injectors if tps is more then a set % on cranking , are u getting injector pw on cranking ok ? Is ur trigger miss counter and trigger from last home ok ?


Car started finally

Triggering issue was there + minor problems to the harness

Thanks all guys for your help and participation

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