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I'm slowly going through the courses with yourselves but whilst doing so something keeps saying in my head how do you find the limits of parts before you know you need to upgrade?

I'm from the UK and OEM tuning is big. We buy software which isn't always great so I'm wanting to learn as much as possible. I'm heavily invested in multiple tuning tools and also a 4wd chassis dyno.

Learning material and courses are hard to come by but as I said how do you know when for example a intake, intercooler or exhaust is restrictive?

Logging temps for the cooler I get, is this the same with the others?

Is also for example there a way to know how good rods and pistons are etc or is the only way to find out when you've hit that limit?

I hope my questions make sense or even there are videos/courses on it as I progress through you're training.

Thanks Peter

Hi peter you are correct with exhausts turbos and intercoolers but rods pistons and internal components we have to choices we push to find out or be the first on the net finding out as much about the components from the likes of the guys that did take the risks

we are pretty lucky these days with google and you tube arent we

Regards Ross

Hi Ross,

Thanks for your reply, is there a rule of thumb for exhaust temp limit? a safe limit?

There is no real 'rule of thumb', as every engine is going to be different, and have different strengths and weaknesses - some may have pistons and crankshafts that will take 50% more load but connecting rods that are barely up to the stock loads, with a different engine that may be reversed.

As Ross said, unless you're wanting to be the guinea pig, do as much research as you can on the engine via engine and car specific forums and tuning guides, and work from there. If there's any doubt, especially when making a significant increase, it'd normally be wise to upgrade ALL suspect components as there will be instances where an experienced, specialised tuner will be able to keep things together where a poorer, or less experienced, tuner may not during the tuning process.

Max' EGT may come down to exhaust valve material - 'most all modern vehicles 'should' be fine - and the turbine material. The turbo-charger manufacturer wil usually give a maximum EGT the turbine material can cope with, and exceeding that may lead to it softening and deforming.

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