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configuring a waterspray connected to a waterpump

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hey im using a link G4+ extreme on a fully built drift car with a 1jz vvti and im planning to connect it as when temperature reachs lets say 90 degrees Celsius the ecu should give an order to let the pump work and spray water on the inter cooler and radiator any ideas how to connect and configure it?

thanks in advance

hassan alquqa

Wish I could be more help but I'm not familiar with this platform.

Here is a link to their forum though where you may find additional help.

Connect spray pump relay to any aux output. Set the aux output function to "IC Spray". Since ECT is not a common condition to use for IC spray you will set the "switching function" to a virtual aux, then use that virtual aux to set up the conditions that you want the system to activate under. Example below would spray when I have my IC spray switch turned on (DI1) and when ECT rises above 90°C.

Thanks alot, just what i was looking for :D