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configuring MAP sensor in AEM

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hello I need help in configuring MAP sensor in AEM what happens is that the sonse I have does not appear in the aem list and I have to rescale it but I have my doubts I prefer to ask for another opinion before doing it wrong

Which AEM ECU do you have? It's pretty simple to configure a different MAP sensor using the Infinity ECU software, if you know the min/max voltage and min/max pressure range of the sensor you just open the 'Basic Sensors' page of the wizard, double-click on MAP sensor, and type the numbers into the boxes for MAP Cal Min/Max pressure and MAP Volts Min/Max. You don't need to change anything else, unless you want to adjust the max breakpoints in the tuning tables.

If you have an older AEM ECU like the Series1 or Series2, configuring a different MAP sensor is not very easy. It's probably best if you tell me the min/max voltage and min/max pressure for your sensor, then I can tell you which numbers to use in the software. After editing the MAP sensor, you will need to fix your fuel and ignition maps because the breakpoints were tied to the raw voltage of the old sensor and changing sensors will make that raw voltage mean something different.

Hope that helps,


thank you very much for responding, I am working with series 2, for greater accuracy I have to see the atmospheric pressure of where I am and have adjusted

adjusted where it says (Load Scalar) HAY adjusted to my exact price

OK, here is how to find what numbers you need in the Series2 EMS calibration. I'll use a Honda MAP sensor as an example. That sensor will measure 0.32 Volts when the pressure is 5.4kPa, and it will measure 4.84 Volts when the pressure is 176.6 kPa.

MAP Min Volts: this is the sensor voltage you will see at the minimum pressure the sensor can measure. For example, this is 0.32 Volts for a Honda MAP sensor.

Load Offset: this is the minimum pressure the sensor can measure, in kPa. For example, this is 5.4 kPa for a Honda MAP sensor.

Map Max Volts: this is the sensor voltage you will see at the max pressure the sensor can measure. For example, this is 4.84 volts for a Honda MAP sensor.

Load Scalar. You need to do some math to find this. Load Scalar = (sensor max kPa - sensor min kPa)/100. For instance, the math will be (176.6 kPa - 5.4 kPa)/100 = 1.712 for a Honda MAP sensor.

Hope that helps. If you need help double-checking the math for your sensor, post the min/max pressure and min/max voltage and I can try to help.

ok ok i am working with a 1 bar oem GM sensor but i have had problems in finding this datasheet (96 417 830)

Unfortunately GM made lots of different MAP sensors, and they don't all use the same min/max volts and pressure readings. Here are the 1-bar sensors we have in our latest database from the Infinity ECU development. None of the numbers match what you mentioned, but if you are lucky yours might match one of these for min/max voltage and pressure.

GM LS2 PN 9359409 , Min Volts 0.06V = 10.0 kPa , Max Volts 4.90V = 105.0 kPa

GM 1-bar PN 12219927 , Min Volts 0.05V = 1.1 kPa , Max Volts 4.96V = 104.1 kPa

GM 1-bar PN 12219931 , Min Volts 0.05V = 15.9 kPa , Max Volts 4.96V = 106.3 kPa

GM 1-bar PN 12247561 , Min Volts 0.05V = 12.0 kPa , Max Volts 4.97V = 105.4 kPa

If none of those values match your sensor, try using a vacuum tool like a MityVac MV8500 to send a known pressure to the sensor and you can find the volts vs pressure relationship yourself.

Hope that helps,


I’m trying to configure a skunk2 3 bar map sensor on a J32a2 using an AEM Series 2 ecu, does anyone have the offset and scalar figures for this sensor? I’m not finding much info online.

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