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connecting sensors from gauges to ECU

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Is it possible to split (piggyback) a signal from gauges sensors (like DEFi) to a standalone ECU (Link G4+) Are there some points which I have to pay attention regarding distorting the signal?

To be specific, the car has which has additional Prosport oil and oil pressure gauge installed. I like to feed the signal to the link G4+ ECU to setup some safety futures.

It's possible to share the signal, however the problem you are likely to have is that there may end up being an offset or voltage difference between the sensor ground that the gauge uses and the sensor ground that the ECU uses. For this reason I would suggest that if you want to share the signal you ensure that the gauge shares a common ground with the ECU sensor ground.

If a voltage offset remains it will show up as a discrepancy in the reading between the ECU and the gauge. With some of these aftermarket gauges you will possibly struggle to find calibration data too.