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Controlling AC clutch switch through Hp tuners LS engine

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hey, I’ve been having a problem with my LS3 built engine on my truck, my issue is whenever I go on WOT my AC pulley starts to vibrate crazy after 3,00 0 Rpm and either slips my belt of or snaps it.

my engine is a 6.8 stroker and my my AC works perfectly fine.

i cant seem to understand why my ac does that so I was wondering if there is a way to allow my ECU to switch the clutch off when I go past 3,000 rpm, generally I don’t have that vibration when my AC is off but it would be convienent to have the ecu switch it off automatically when I go past 3,000 rpm.

any suggestions?

Have you carefully checked the compressor mounting for loose bolts or cracks as it sounds like it may be moving under load and hitting a resonant frequency around 3k?

Yes I did check, twice after I ripped my belts hahaha, the vibrations just come from the pully under load above 3000 rpm, do you think I might have a bad compressor?

(It’s an 8 year old GMC Sierra truck)

im just surprised it keeps doing that yet AC works great and I just had the Ac serviced

In HP tuners for my LS6, this control is under System > A/C > Disable. It will allow you to disable A/C system at a certain RPM and a certain Throttle position

Do you have a factory belt and pulley system?

AC been recently re-gassed?

Yes, I have a factory belt and AC system, Ac has been reserviced

I’ll be going through my tune file and sharing photos of the tabs soon

Does it have a spring loaded or manual tensioner?

Have you checked the alignment with a straight edge - by eye isn't usually good enough - if it's a little out, in any plane, one side will be more heavily loaded and so may start failing from there?

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