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Controlling electric exhaust cut out

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i'm thinking of making an valve in one of my exhaust pipes.

can the minilink ecu (link ecu - extreme) controle a valve ? 12v on a output ?

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The Minilink has lowside drives only (ECU grounds the pin).

Oke, then I’ll controle it directly with a dual switch, ( high/low boost )

in low boost the valve is closed

high boost its open.

think I can tune it correctly then

Thought I had replied?

Easiest thing may be to use a simple relay - (fused) feed to the solinoid and earth it through the ECU.

If you use a 5 terminal relay (they have a normally open or normally closed output option), it will give the option of selecting whether you want the ECU to open, or close it, when switched.


Thanks, think this is a better setup, so i can open de valve if its building boost (even in low boost map)

my idea is, Low boost ,valve closed till 150 kpa map, after open.

High boost always open.