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Hello I'm going to start tuning and I friends that wants it done. So can anyone tell me what cost per hp. Or like 60 hp 450.00 dollars. That is just an example but I was curious how everyone would charge. Any help is appreciated

Fairest way is by the hour. Best way while you are learning is probably to charge a flat rate (what you would accept, enough to pay your overhead, etc), but work however long it takes to make it right. Now you will have an idea of the required time for these jobs, and can figure out a more reasonable (for you) flat rate.

Eventually, you can probably come up with some modular pricing - like basic fuel & ignition on existing ECU, $600 -- add tune variable cam, Intake only $400, Intake & Exhaust, $600. or add Boost Control, $400. Setup for DBW, Engine Safeties, Traction Control, Paddle Shift control of sequential gearboxes, etc could all have separate prices.

Thank you good sir

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