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Could use a couple Syvecs setup pointers.

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We have a little Porsche build we did, I’m unsure of a few little settings though before I start the engine.

So far:

-We changed the linearization to NTK wide band l2h2 for both banks.

-We changed oem linearization on the MAP sensor to an 3.5 bar sensor.

What we are not clear on how to perform a few functions, or if there is anything we are forgetting...

-Is there a VE calibration to change the motor from 3.6 to 3.8 liter?

-Changing from the factory 440cc injectors to Injector Dynamics ID2000’s, not sure what tables need adjustment to rescale these?

-We removed both the factory MAF sensors and need to run speed density. Unsure of what to deactivate or adjust to make this change?

-We also are unsure how to enter or change base files 5bar fuel pressure. We are running a boost references fuel regulator at 50psi engine off.

If you could give me a list of what tables to adjust for each of these that would be so helpful. We would really like to start this new build for the first time. Below are our builders specs, Thank you

2001 996 turbo

3.8 liter big bore kit

Stock compression

Billet rods

Cnc ported heads(Kong’s old heads)

12mm Head studs

+1 ferrea valves

997tt intake manifold


3.5 bar map sensor

Ntk l2h2 Wide band sensors

50psi base fuel pressure with engine off

Web cams .428/.432 lift, 214/234 duration @ .050, was told the use gt3 reluctors setting(Kong’s old cams)

Functioning VVT

3076 turbos(ski850's)

Id2000 injectors

-10 fuel system with PWM controlled pump

Flex fuel sensor

Automatic tiptronic trans with 997 ecu

Engine will make roughly 900-1000whp when running E85.

Flex fuel sensor

Stock n75 boost controller

Syvecs is a time based injection model, it’s not a VE based ecu, so a lot of the points you have raised above won’t need to technically be done.

For example, you don’t need to enter injector size, you will scale the base fuel injection time yourself under Run Mode > Fuelling based on the increase in injector size if you’re using a basemap for a stock injector. Naturally you will still need to enter the deadtime data.

Have you watched Andres Syvecs practical example? It will no doubt help you.

Same point applies for engine capacity, you won’t enter this, you will calibrate the necessary maps to account for the increase in capacity.

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