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Crank timing gear installation help

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Hi Guys,

I am trying to retrofit crank timing on my 6 cylinder. There was a really good write up on how to do it on msextra however it seems to have dropped off the net, so now I am flying blind.


Where is the ideal spot to mount the missing tooth on a straight 6? from memory its 60degrees BTDC to give an even signal during cranking and have enough advance so it can still give plenty of advanced.

Second question is how key is it that right at TDC a timing wheel tooth aligns exactly with the VR sensor? or can it be aligned at a random point at TDC as timing is set in the ecu which can be a random integer of 360 to suit the placement of the toothed wheel relative to the sensor?

I have mounted the sensor already but its very hard to measure relative to TDC, however I have not mounted the toothed wheel to the timing gear yet so I can easily adjust.

Any feedback would be welcomed.

60 BTDC is fine. Doesnt really matter as this is what the "timing offset" (or simlar} is for. Adjusting so that timing happens at the right time regardless of triggerposition.

Just make sute the missing thooth and your cam signal does not happen at the same time

kickerzx is right. You can set the "offset" in the software.

If you download the ms3 manual from megasquirt, they go into much more detail about ideal ways to get your trigger wheels set up. I suggest to give it a read (=

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