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Crank tuning on FA20 with lowered compression ratio

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Anyone have experience on tuning with FA20 with lowered compression ratio? The engine have lowered the compression ratio from 12.5 to 11.7. The engine could not start with stock tune. What I could found from romraider for crank tune is just cranking fuel injector pulse width. Is there any setting I should change?

Hi, Does it attempt to fire up or is it just cranking and not attempting to fire? Have you used a diagnostic tool to see what is happening and if any codes are present etc? I'm assuming you have had it all apart, so has the timing all been set correctly and checked. What other changes have you made since it last ran. Would think you have lowered compression because it has forced induction but you haven't mentioned any mods. Try and give as much information as possible and it will help people guide you in the right direction.

Need more info on background. 93 octane? E85?

Turn out there's a problem with injectors. Replaced and the engine started with stock tune!