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Hi all,

Have been having major painful issues with my current 4+1 trigger wheel/ variable reluctor setup on my G13B suzuki engine.

Have started machining up parts to ditch the distributor and go sequential coil on plug ignition ( currently already set up for sequential injection, so shouldn't be a massive job.

Just struggling to get any decent help in regards to my trigger wheel design. As mentioned its currently running a 4+1 trigger wheel inside the distributor, so it can run sequential injection, but the problem was that the VR didn't like producing much output voltage when cranking so the car was very hard to start. Once up and ran it ran well and the fuelling was really well dialled in, so Im tryinfg to replicate this setup, but with a hall sensor ( ZF Cherry on a mild steel pickup wheel.

Can anyone clarify the distance away in between the TDC and synch tooth? If its too far away the ECU will try to fire five times, but I need to make sure there is a gap so the hall sensor can pickup an altered waveform to synch TDC position.

I have tried calling/emailing Wolf direct but had no luck getting through, so Im a bit stuck.

Any help would be so greatly appreciated.

Attached is the design of my wheel as it is now.and a screenshot of the settings / setup from the ecu manual. Wolf3DV4


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According to their manual for dual pulse mode the sync tooth needs to be 10 crank degs after the reference tooth. This would be 5 degs if the wheel is going into a distributor.

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