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Data acquisition/data logging

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Hi all,

im new to tuning and just playing at this stage.

my question is what is the best hardware/software for logging data from an oem ecu obd11 port?

It would cool if it would let me add extra sensors, as the oem stuff I want to look at don’t have wide band AFR and egt sensors and would like to add these.

I manly muck around with diesels Toyota, Ford, Audi and farming.

I was looking at something similar to the innovate OT-2 opentune. I have not read anything positive about the OT-2

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I don't know if this is the best, but it's certainly capable...

Consider an Autosport Lab RaceCapture/Pro. Programmable CAN, support for OBD2, scripting language support to allow other clever solutions.


Thanks I will check them out.


personally I use a Race Technology DL1 with the OBD/CAN upgrade but thats only because I invested in their kit from the start and it interfaces with a neat steering wheel display.

If I was out for new kit I’d be looking at the AEM AQ1 OBD2, spec sheet seems perfect for your application and being AEM I’d like to think the support would be great. Give it a google and see what other users are saying, if its bad I’m sure someone would’ve complained online


Hi Allan, I don't tend to use a 'one size fits all' logging solution, although I'm sure there are options. I haven't personally used the product David has listed but it looks quite interesting and very versatile. My mainstream tuning work is on GM, Ford, Subaru and Mitsubishi and I tend to use HP Tuners VCM Scanner along with the MPVI2 interface for logging on Ford and GM. It's worth noting that HP Tuners now support a wide range of vehicles including VW/Audi, Mercedes, Nissan and Toyota just to name a few. If you're dealing with these vehicles then this might be a worthwhile option. You can add additional sensors using the pro feature set which will let you wire in 3 analogue inputs and log them to the scanner. I bring in a wideband AFR meter via serial to USB direct into my laptop so that it doesn't get affected by ground offsets.

Thank you very much Andre.

This gives me something to work with appreciate you taking the time.

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