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Recommendations on a data logger for oe purposes

We need more details. What information do you want to log? Do you expect to connect to any existing communications (ie, ECU serial data stream, ECU CAN connection, OBD-II?)

What questions are you trying to answer with a data logger?

Thanks for the reply. I’d like to connect through obd and mainly crd diesel so I’d be looking at things like rail press,fuel quantity,egt,accelerator position and boost

OK, with slow OBD communications, you can use an app for your phone / tablet. Something like the Torque App (Torque Pro on Android, and Torque OBD in the iPhone/iPad). Here is some info on various "ELM237" based interfaces from another company with an app:


Perhaps someone using these tools will chime in. I primarily work with stand-alone ECUs and dedicated data loggers.