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Data logging tools?

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We tune lots of different cars and we use EvoScan to do the data logging.

Is there an option that is better than EvoScan for data logging? It's dated and no longer being supported and the worst part is, it is slow on some cars having 0.5s delay between reads and sometimes I'll have to limit it to 3 PIDS to get decent resolution.

I'm working with factory ECUs and a tactrix cable. We do Hyundais, Kias, FRS/BRZ, Nissan 350/370z, Infiniti G35/37, etc. For some of the infinitis I use the uprev tools and for dodge I use the diablosport tools. Sometimes I'll use Torque Pro on an android device when I need certain non standard PIDs logged for hyndau, but for everything else, I need a better solution.

Evoscan is the worst tool I have ever used.