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Data/Dash Logger recommendations

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We are currently running a 2.0TDI Arosa drag car on SCS Delta SDI 4 engine managament but are looking for an external dash or data logger. Something that can work with what we have currently. Looking at options with AEM such as the AQ-1 data logger and CD-7L dash logger. Any info on these or other similar products that could be used with 3rd party ECUs would be appreciated.


Maybe slightly biased as i work for Cosworth Electronics, however it is one of the most, if not the most powerful unit on the market :)

That isn't an ECU I've used but provided it can output a data stream via CAN then you've got a wide range of options on dash loggers. The biggest consideration is really the price point and what feature set you need. Like most things in life, you get (to a degree) what you pay for. If the CAN messages can be custom written in the ECU then you can literally use any CAN-based dash. If the CAN template is bespoke and can't be changed by the end user then you're a bit more limited as some dashes don't have a configurable CAN template and hence you'd need the dash manufacturer to already support your ECU.

Hi Rob, had a look online and they do look good but I had been discussing an idea with my guys about just having a shift light for the driver to watch and just take care of the data after each run, everything happens so quick he just needs to be told when to change gear (based on speed rather than RPM I think) and give him a warning should anything he needs to back out happen. The ECU is not easily manipulated to do what we need

I saw this:


Not sure which logger is suitable. We plan to log the following:

Log All ECU Parameters via CAN



NOS Revo position

Oil Temp

Coolant Pressure

Crankcase pressure



Clutch position sensor

Suspension Sensors

Turbo shaft speed sensor

Not sure if you think anything else is worth logging?

All we get from the ECU with the laptop strapped to the car is the below, the SD data logger has never functioned correctly:


Engine Speed

Air Temperature

Base Boost Duty Cycle

Base Main Inj Pulse W

Base Pilot Inj PW

Battery Voltage

Coolant Temperature

Final Boost Duty Cycle

Main Injection PW

Pilot Injection PW

Fuel Pressure

Fuel Temperature

Manifold Pressure

Target Fuel Pressure

Target Boost

Throttle Position

Vehicle Speed

Main Timing

Pilot Timing

Hi Andre,

The CAN export from the ECU to an AIM Dash is attached, I would expect most to be similar but not sure how much of a PITA going away from something compatible is. In an Ideal world I would just scrap the SCS due to its severe inadequacies but the alternatives are not going to be easy to set up either.

Speak soon


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Hi Ryan,

Something like an L2 with a Pro Token (https://www.cosworth.com/products/omega-l2/?cat=chassis-loggers-controllers) should give you enough I/O if you just want a logger rather than a display. That would give you 18 inputs (6 digital, 12 analogues). Its worth noting this doesn't have a dedicated thermocouple input, however id run that into the ECU and CAN that out anyway.

The unit has fully configurable CAN so as long as you have the decode you can get it to work. (if you have the DBC. file from SCS you can just import that in also to save the legwork).

If however you want a more cost effective solution, granted its a dash, but we have the D4 thats used in BTCC, loads of I/O with dedicated thermo inputs + cheaper. Drop me an email rob.fisher@cosworth.com if you have any questions. :)

Hi Rob,

I'll drop an email tomorrow all being well. Thanks for the help!


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