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Hello everyone ,

Wanted to get some opinions in regards of the datalogger dashes supplied by some companies . I do understand the benefits especially having everything in 1 screeen where you can see anything that you want and don't need x amount of gauges that will not provide the same feedback but when you are running a standalone ecu which provides you datalogging is this dash worth it ?

The reason that I am asking is cause lets say , if I have a drag car and want to get all the data I can set the ecu datalogger to record automatically and get all the info that I want and need or similar to a circuit race .

Might be a noob question but want to see what you guys believe .

Thank you

The big advantage to the Dash / Logger is programmable alarms that can be watching for signs of trouble alerting the driver so they quickly know what is going wrong -- "Low Oil Pressure", "High Temp", "Knock Warning" are all seriously useful and could save you from more serious damage if caught soon enough.

Often the dash / logger will have additional channels (such as driver inputs -- brake pressure, steering), along with g-forces, and speed (wheelspeed and/or GPS). The analysis software will usually allow the data to be broken into laps or runs and which makes it easier to navigate. With either GPS or lateral g-force and distance measurement, it's possible to draw a track map which helps find the data, or understand where a particular issue (traction, knock retard, etc) is happening.

In some cases, the logging in the ECU is significantly restricted compared to what the dash/logger can do (for example a MoTeC M84 has logging, but only a very limited set of channels, however it sends many more channels over the CAN bus that you can log in the dash. And the MoTeC M1 transmits 60+ channels of data some at high rates, but the standard diagnostic logging is very limited. You can upgrade the M1 logging, but in many cases it's better to put those funds toward the more flexible dash / logger that can provide readable alarm messages, etc.

David Ferguson

Veracity Racing Data


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