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In the process of putting all the pieces together for a long running Nissan 240SX build. I chose to stick with the KA24DE and have a built motor and turbo setup and am in the process of wiring in an AEM Infinity 5. One of the longstanding questions I had was in regards to idle control, which factory or aftermarket idle control motor to use, etc. Someone suggested just switching it over to DBW and letting the ECU control idle via the throttle body.

So, first question, do you concur that this would be a prudent solution? Second question, can I mix and match parts with this conversion? For example, could I use a GM throttle pedal and a Bosch DBW TB? The Bosch throttle bodies seem to be a bit cheaper and I prefer the look as well. AEM provides wiring diagrams for the GM parts but I assume the Bosch works in a similar fashion.



I've found that DBW conversion is surprisingly easy, as long as your standalone supports it.

If you search around, you'll probably be able to find a DBW throttle that matches the bolt pattern of your original throttle. If not, then you can make an adapter.

I adapted the Bosch 68mm DBW (OEM from a Porsche or Audi or something...) onto a Ford Duratec intake. That throttle is actually an exact bolt-on for newer Duratec/Ecoboost motors, but I had to adapt it to my older one. And I've run it using 2 different ecu's with great success.

Once you're on DBW, the idle control is just one benefit. You'll also be able to program in different pedal curves, to make the car more drivable for the street or more aggressive for racing, or anything you want. Some ecu's have even more advanced features than such as limiting the throttle for launch control, etc.

You may try to reach out to Vlad Yevtushenko he has a lot of AEM Infinity experience and has worked on several DBW setups. Believe he used a few Nissan variate TBs, as well as a few others.

I'm currently running the Bosch 82mm TB that is used on Porsche GT3s and a Toyota pedal that fits my Supra, but am now running a Motec M150.

Vlad is on most social media platforms, but also works for National Speed if you want to find him.

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