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DBW dies after 40%?

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On my Drive by Wire, it errors out after going above 40% (slowly).

If I step on the throttle and let go quickly back and forth, no error comes up.

Any pointers?

Haltec 1500

Hyundai NU Engine 2.0L (selected for practicing & test subject_

Only aftermarket coils (OEM can't be used wired directly to ECU)

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this could be caused by the dbw motor requiring too much current to operate. H bridge dbw motor drivers are often limited by their peak and hold currents. The Haltech 1500 has 5amp peak and 1amp rms so it’s worth measuring the current required to operate as some OEM dbw units can operate at over 8amps peak.

This is providing that the motor is wired correctly and there are no mechanical issues with the gearbox etc.

As a starter though it would be worth double checking the pid controller settings and the general pps/tps calibration settings to see if they are aligned. I’m sure someone at Haltech tech support could help you out with those.

Hello Scotty,

Thanks for your time, knowledge and reply.

I am doing this mostly on my own, their support has it's ups and down, but most loose motivation once I tell them I have no clue and I'm learning on the go.

This is in fact true as zi didn't see an OEM specification on voltages only 5v+ on both sensors (given they have redundancy).

Before it was at 30% limit, but once I've seperated APP positive supply and ground it improved.

Wiring are ok, I'm 100% sure, voltage, not so much.

I'll reply with updates, thanks !

Something else to check is the pedal sensor/sender unit - as the problem seems to vary with how the throttle is applied, the way the pedal is loaded by the foot may be the critical thing. I'd double check all the wiring and connectors, as it's possible something has been compromised, and the actual values when doing various sweeps through the pedal travel with different side loads applied.

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