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Decel fuelling problem / Link G4+ / R33

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I am struggling with mixture going rich in deceleration, transient condition.

Usually this would not be of concern, in this case it is, because the vehicle has to pass EURO 3 homologation test and every little bit of HC and CO must be reduced.

Is it possible to have decel enleanment prior to overrun fuel cut, or is it physically a given fact due to the remaining fuel film being drawn in?

Thanks in advance for your help.


G4+ didnt have any fuel film/wall wetting type compensation - or even a basic decel enleanment type function at all. It is not something I have ever needed to worry about personally so I dont have any solid experience to share - but one thought I had is you could possibly improve the situation by using a 4D fuel compensation with TPS or MAP delta on one axis and maybe a timer on the other to pull fuel out for a short time after a fast throttle reduction.

Hi Adam,

Thx for the answer. I do have a 4D table for TPS set up, perhaps it needs optimizing?

Could you take a look at how I set it up and some help on the timer example you mentioned?

I could send you the cal via email.

Thank you for the support.


You can attach the cal here or you could send me a PM on the Link forum. Would prefer not to post my email address on a public forum for spambots etc.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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