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Decisions Decisions... TT LSX MidEngined Prototype ECU Choice ??

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Hi all, well its been longer than I'd hoped (Building other cars), but its time to pull the trigger on a ECU.

Met the Haltech Boys at Sema 2014 and was great to speak to Scott from Emtron for nearly a hour... Love going to Sema as we all do.

Anyway I digress....

Choices where :-

Emtron KV8 , Syvecs, Haltech Elite (but only single DBW)

But recently noticed the AEM Infinity7, who's had fun with the Infinity7 ??

Car is a light weight LSX 6 bolt Twin Borg 64mm, midengined Protoptype...

Is such a big decision I've put it of for years...

Any suggestions

So it's a drag car only?

No Sir it's a Road Race Car similar to a group C Le Mans Prototype...

Not sure how to post a Pic but here's a link to it recently when it came back just after the hot side was done.


The more I look at the AEM system I cant find any expansion devices etc to get more I/O and its putting me off.

Take a step back for a minute.

1. Make a list of all the software functions the ECU needs to do. So for example: "Read 2 banks worth of lambda sensors, record analog voltage, control boost, control electronic throttle, have full time closed loop capability, control methanol injection, have staged injection for an 8 cylinder"

2. Take that list and make a list of the ECU hardware requirements. So for example: "Reads CAN signals, has at least 5 analog inputs, has 10 PWM outputs, has 1 H-bridge (for electronic throttle), has at least 5 switched outputs"

3. Make a list of all the ECU's that meet those requirements. Make sure you calculate the "all in" cost to get the correct model and whatever harnesses/ add ons needed. If no ECU's meet your requirements, you need to rank each one and figure out what you are willing to give up.

4. Now you have to start prioritizing things like cost, interface, software, manufacture support, etc. So for example, one ECU might have lower cost, but less support available. One might have all the ECU hardware inputs and outputs, but you don't like the datalogging interface or it doesn't have all the temperature correction tables you want.

5. Based on your priority ranking, make a choice.

If you find yourself stuck in that process, post up the lists you made and we can give our opinion on it. Ie, list your requirements, and ask others for their opinion on whether those are really necessary. For example, maybe you think staged injection is a dealbreaker because you want to run E100 fuel and need tons of injector flow, but others question that assumption because maybe you can run E50. Or whatever the matter is.

If that sounds like a lot of work, well yeah it is a lot of work. "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." --Abraham Lincoln

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