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Definition for CarBerry for ECU Edit?

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Hey all!

Does anyone know where I can get a proper def to run Carberry on ECU edit for a USDM 04' STI, drive by wire 16bit OEM Denso ECU?



Please educate me, what is a Carberry ?

From my understanding, Carberry is a program used with ROMraider to run Flexfuel among other parameters. Most open source simply use ECUflash and ROMraider.

But the UI and integration is SOOO much more intuitive (and pretty, lol) in the paid program (ECUedit) and I'd like to see if I can somehow convert the defs from Carberry to ECUedit.

I'm still learning, obviously, lol, but let me know if that helped?

Do you have a website to Carberry to share here?

Hey Dominique,

Sorry for the late reply. Check RomRaiders website: https://www.romraider.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7594

This is an opensource tuning/modding platform so any download you make are at your own risk;bugs, bricking your ECU, poor support.

Its just a less expensive way to achieve DIY home tuning; which is what I'm trying to accomplish.

Carberry is a sometimes paid file, 'donation' as it is open source. you can contact them direct

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