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Delphi 1400cc injectors

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came across a new Brand/modifier of injectors, and also a new injector.

does anyone have any experience with Xspurt injectors?

does any one have experience with these injectors, or even just the base injector they modify (?)


they sound like ID's just smaller batch sizes and also produced locally (Australia).

bosch 1000's are marginal for future plans, and the new 1300's with all stainless are unjustifiably expensive so looking at all other options.

people opinions/findings?

Motorsport Electronics in NZ (MSEL on this forum) sell the Xspurt brand. I've used the 1000 cc variant with good results. The 1000 cc at least is based off the same Bosch EV14 injector that most of the mainstream suppliers are using and modifying. I can't comment for the Delphi-based 1400 cc injector unfortunately.

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