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Delta SCS 800 ecu Base fuel map

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The ecu came with a base map, for 261cc injectors, i'm using 875 so 3.35 times larger

so can i just dived the base fuel map by 3.35?

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I'm not familar with that ECU, and your screen shot doesn't even show what they name that table. It looks like it might be a "percentage of base fuel pulsewidth" type table, and if so, you should look for some kind of "base fuel pulsewidth". That is the number you would want to divide by 3.35.

Now it might be a Volumetric Effeciency (VE) table, in which case, there should be some kind of injector characterisation where you enter the injector flow rate.

with those ECU's the fuel table is sometimes a percentage of Max injection pulse width, which changes how long the injector can stay open over the RPM.

There is also a Port Flow (PFl) Injector flow rate in mg/s, in the Fuel correction factors folder

The table only says "Main injection quantity" so as the the ecu only has "Maximum injection pulse width ms) as an option to enter for the injectors so i changed to 5.9ms down from 19.9 (divided by 3.35) That said the "Transient fuel pulse width scaler" is set to (100) so im assuming it is percentage.

I'm assuming this now means i get 875cc @ 5.9ms instead of the original 261cc @ 19.9ms

This did allow the car to start and drive but was very rich.

I then reduced all values in the tables by the same 3.35 (but this does not take into account the dead time) the car would not start after this.

The pulse width times were also down to sub 1ms so that's probably why.

the injectors are siemens DEKA high Z Turn on time @ 14VDC: 1.3ms Turn off time: 0.7ms @ 600KPa Offset: 0.065ms

Port injection prime pulse width (ms) there is a scale from -30 (60ms) to - 118 (8.19ms) so im assuming this is % of the 5.91ms?

So originally these % would have been for 261cc so need divided by 3.35? Ive added them for reference.

-30 66.76

-20 58.16

-10 50.38

0 4 1.37

10 29.90

20 19.66

30 16.79

40 15.16

50 13.52

60 8.19

70 8.19

80 8.19

90 8.19

100 8.19

110 8.19

118 8.19

Sorry, ive found the Port injection flow rate in (mgs) section of ecu

dP Injector

250 46260

300 37769

323 33664

331 32892

354 30832

406 27228

This should now be correct for these injectors

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The sensor calibration, 75psi map sensor, 150psi Fuel Pressure sensor

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the sensors work from 0.5 to 4.5v so but the ecu reads 0-5v so the scale starts in the minus so when it reaches 0.5v it is actually 0psi (or atmosphere)

MAP SENSOR DATA 0-75ps (5200mbar) MIN 0.5 MAX 4.5v

FUEL PRESSURE DATA 0/150Psg 0.5-4.5v

Im not entirely sure i have done that correctly.

Ive also added the wideband scale, this was 0-5v so i just input the wideband data.

No matter what I do I cannot get the car to even run. Sometime not even start.

I've followed the methods in here and even have a base map.

It is sparking and will run for a few seconds but cannot get it running long enough trim fueling etc

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