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I saw this article online (http://www.gtrpwr.com/showthread.php?t=1589 ), I have seen a det can once before.

I am curious has any one ever used one? I cant see it working but I am curious on the principal and also if people have tried it?

Reminds me of some of the "farmer Fixes" I see when on site, (like water pump belts being replaces with a leather belt.... apparently it worked well for a week.)

Just like a doctors stethoscope, these are the same for your engine and they can work very well.

I know a lot of tuners that swear by this style of det cans, I've used them and they are good. I'd say they're best used in a dyno environments as you can't have and squashing of the hose. I would go and build a set for yourself, see what you think before investing in an electronic set or even if you've not tried them, for all it costs, build a set and give them a try

might as well give it a shot, better than what I have now..... which is nothing.

Very interesting but I wonder how you use them. Obviously the ear muffs go on your cranium but how do you use the other end (meaning how do you attach it to the engine if your driving)?

The folded over end of the bronze tube is bolted onto the engine block like a knock sensor.

Ah cheers

I see the light (literally now cause the pictures show light going through what must be a hole drilled in it).

I'll make one of these so I can tune my old v8 carby engine to test it out.

Another question, do people swap these over when doing a v or flat engine so they can make sure both banks are ok? or do they make one with 2 copper pipes?

I have seen them done with a separate hose to each ear, one for each bank so that the side that the knock is occurring on can be detected, but usually it is not needed to be done, as the knock noise will transmit easily through the block.

Thanks Rex.

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