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Hi ,

after 20 years of daily service my Knock Box det cans have packed up and dispite numerous emails sent to buy a replacement I havent had a response .

I recently mapped an engine on an engine dyno for a customer using their Phormula knock monitor det cans but found I didnt have the same confidence as to what was knock or back ground noise compared to my old Knock box

Has anyone used or recommend any other make

Thanks Dave

I've used the knock block extensively and have found it to be really good and well priced. I actually owned a knock box many years back and I'd say of all the knock detection systems I've used, the knock block is probably the most similar.

Thanks Andre,

in your opinion are their better systems and its for me to invest some time with another system such as the Phormula knock monitor .90% of my time is mapping on a chassis dyno ,only a small percentage is engine dyno so good noise cancelling headphones are an advantage

Cheers Dave