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first time here just purchased HPA course. My question is, I have a Diablo t2 ex platinum handheld tuner, can I buy software for this and use this unit to make a custom tune? Any advice or input would be great. I hope I can use it, it wasn’t cheap.

Their advertising blurb says " in addition to custom tuning capability", which would suggest the device can be used for tuning - but later it says "Our nationwide network of CMR custom tuning dealers can build tunes for your specific ride on a dyno or by using the built-in data logging features of the Trinity" which would imply it needs a dealer to provide the custom tune. It seems some people have been tuning their own vehicles, though, so...

I would suggest going to the horse's mouth and either phoning them or contacting their tech' support directly for a definitive answer. - But first, have a look through the FAQs -

Thank you for your time Gord and suggestions. I will reach out to them. With this course maybe I can become one of their “dealers” and get the software and make a little extra money, after I have become very familiar with tuning of course.