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Diesel injection timing calculator

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Hi My name is Truman

Just finished the diesel training course.

I was wondering if anyone has or knows where to get a diesel injection timing calculator to calculate % of pulse width of TDC? Working on a Ram ecodiesel. Sure would be nice to have something to do the main basics.

Any other ideas?

Attached are the layout of the tables I am working with.

Attached Files

Just noticed I put the pressure chart in psi. I am attaching one in Kpa.

Attached Files

Can you elaborate more into what you need to know. I do not understand what you are seeking for.

I am looking for a spreadsheet or software that I can enter the given tables in to figure out the main timing before top dead center. see attached spread sheet for duramax engines. I want the same thing except if you notice the axis are wrong for the ecodiesel. I need one that I can change axis to match whatever i am working on.

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