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Diesel start en rev issue

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Hi please advice me i had issue with turbo respons time so i change the exhaust blanked of the egr and changed the air kleener now after doing all of this bakkie does not start easy and when it does it starts with white smoke with goes away after about 5min of ideal then when i rev it up it kleen intill turbo starts to boost then bakkie starts missing and blows white smoke

Sure it isn't losing coolant into the engine? Did you disconnect the coolant feed or loop it from the egr cooler? They can leak.

Egr did not have an cooler what i noticed is the diesel trap loses pressure so in morning i pump it till it builds pressure than it starts easy but lot of white smoke with hangs around and at 3000 rpm missing starts till about 3200 rpm then kleen again so i have spoken to mahindra sa and they said i need to change diesel filter and drop tank and kleen pick up in tank and reset diesel pump timing as it is advanced to max it can set

i did change fuel filters and reving improved so just stuck with start up white smoke with goes away as engine warms up so my guess is it might be air in system as it revs clean up an till i get to high rpm than white smoke reappears can it be injection timing or injector not giving enough diesel at high rpm

If it is white smoke I would suspect engine oil or coolant getting into the combustion chamber. Does it have a shutdown throttle? If not I would fit one, if it is starting to leak oil into the chamber or intake you don't want the engine to run away and destroy itself. Might be worth pulling the turbo or intercooler to see if there is a lot of oil passing from the turbo, if not then the intake manifold/compression check to see if one cylinder is off or they are all down. If not i would be looking at the exhaust manifold to see if it is wet from excess oil consumption.

Hi yes it does not have an shutdown trottel on it and i have noticed that when i drive and park bakkie I'm getting air blowing back through the intake manifold coolent level stace the same so I'm sure it not leaking as for oil i have noticed oil in the intake i have ordered an gt2252 turbo from our local garrett supplier and one more thing i noticed now when i got home is before i started it the diesel filters had no pressure so i pump it up before starting it and started much easier but white smoke did appear for few sec and went away but when i rev it up it starts out black and then gets gray white in cooler as rev go up

It's unusual that you've noticed this problem after the changes you've made. Neither really should impact on the smoke you're noticing. The smoke that you're noticing can be a result of leaking injectors, or possibly faulty glow plugs which would also affect your starting. Again, neither issue is related to the changes you've made. The smoke can also be a result of oil ingestion although normally white smoke in a turbocharged engine is the result of oil making its way into the turbine housing and burning off. This won't happen from a cold start as there isn't enough heat for that to occur. Oil in the intake system would normally present as blue smoke, not white. The oil in the intake may indicate a problem with the turbo, but some amount of oil in the intake is actually pretty common, particularly if you have a breather system that goes into the intake.

Thanks Andre i wont nou if problem was there before as when we bought the bakkie it was not running so we fixed the issue for some reason it had bent push rods so fixed it so we started it in were hot condition and went for an driff to notice the turbo respons was not good than made changes started it no problem drove it had good turbo respons after parked it of then next morning tried to start it that when we started noticing the issue

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