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hi i am new to diesel programming and was wondering what software/hardware, will reflash factory ecu in isuzu npr truck with 4hk1 2019 model . Are there any aftermarket systems suitable for australian vehicles or do you have to use isuzu idss system

Sorry I have no idea. You'd probably need to start by finding out what ECU controller is used on that model. If it's not something that's popular then you may struggle to find commercial support for reflashing it though.

I have a 2006 isuzu with the 4hk1 my ecu is a different manufacturer then yours. I have a denso. I am using PCM flash to read and write the ecu and I am using winols, or stage x 2.0 as my binary editor. mappacks are impossible to find form my truck so I am having to slowly develop them myself, however I have seen damos files being advertised for some of the newer isuzu trucks with the transtron ecu such as on his website https://damos-files.ru/other-damos/ I have nnott purchased anything from this website so use at your own risk. do me a favor and let me know what works for you. IDSS does not allow for custom programming one these trucks, however I would advise getting a IDSS, I have bricked my ecu over 8 times. first while trying to use other "tooner bois" files and then later while trying to create my own. IDSS has allowed me to recover the ecu when I brick it.

again, update us with what you find out.

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