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Hi everyone,

What software/hardware interface are available to re-flash factory diesel ECUs eg Toyota Landcruiser/Hilux Nissan Navara/patrol Ford ranger etc

Thanks in advance

reflashing is platform specific.

Thanks guys,

Was trying to stay away from the piggy back/chip tuning avenue,

is there nothing that anyone is aware of similar to hp tuners or EFIlive for diesels?

Need to specify exactly what you are interested in, as different manufacturers, and even some models/years, will use different management.

It may even be cost-effective to look at a PnP if available.

Nissan denso 23710-EB310 ecm yd25ddti D40 Navara

Support for the Navara seems quite limited from what I've seen sorry. There are a few companies that have seemingly reverse engineered the factory maps and offer a mail order reflash but I haven't seen any commercial options available.

OK thanks for your help

KTAG and KESS can do many of them.

More info of engine type and stock KW please and I may be able to point you in the right direction.

YD25ddti 4cyl turbo diesel 140kw 450nm 2013 Spain model,

KESS can do it OBD. See screenshot

Or check out KTAG vehicle list..bench programming, not OBD

I can supply you with KESS V2, KTAG, MPPS (all are Masters)..etc and I provide a quality file service as well.

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Thanks Dom! Do you have contact details?