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Difference between injectors?

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Hey Guys,

just wondering if anyone can help me, I’ve got a Nissan S14a with the SR20det engine it’s running Nismo 555’s with a Nistune ecu! My question is I’m going to send the 555’s away to be tested and cleaned as the cars been running roughy lately now I’ve got a set of sard 550 injectors could I run them while the Nismo’s are away and would I need to change the map to suit the sards??



You're looking at a potentially significant retune with the different injectors due to different injector dead times or spray patterns. I would just wait for the injectors to get cleaned unless you are really dying to drive the car. At the very least you will have to do some datalogging to confirm the engine is running as expected if you change the injectors. And then when you get the cleaned ones you will have to do a bunch of datalogging to see if anything has changed compared to how it ran before.

Assuming the injectors are in fact different parts then the difference between in flow is almost certainly going to be more serious than the 5 cc/min flow that their designations would suggest. Some level of retune will almost certainly be necessary so it all depends how much you need to drive the car while your Nismo injectors are being serviced.

One thing I would check though is the part number. The majority of the Japanese companies don't actually manufacture their own injectors and you can often find that multiple companies are using the same injector and just adding their own packaging. To make matters a little trickier though, some of these manufacturers remove the part numbers.

Thanks for all the reply’s I’ve managed to source a second set of Nismo injectors cheap so I’ll send them off for cleaning then replace when they come back

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