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different DBW maps possible on GM E38 ECUs with HP Tuners?

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Is it possible to have different DBW maps based on a switched input?

Under the Engine maps on the Airflow tab, there's a section with Electronic Throttle and under Desired Throttle Area I can see 4 different maps. How can I make them accessible to the driver?

Say, the customer wants a rain or snow setup, were a fully depressed throttle only equals about 50% throttle plate opening. How can I go about and do that with HP Tuners?

Anyone has ever done that?

thanks guys,


KG Performance,

I have played with these maps in the past but not with any success. Usually resulting in instant limp modes.

The issue is that when you alter these tables it becomes incompatible with the TAC module calibration, so it goes straight into a limp mode with no throttle control at all. Also there is a high possibility you can permanently brick the ECU

"brick the ECU", and that,s not a good thing, right . . . . but as they say "Fear is the Mind Killer" and my favourite "You can Do It" but maybe a better saying in this instance might be "Good Luck with that" and some people don't think Tuning is Exciting.

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