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Hello all, I'm brand new to EFI tuning and have a couple quick questions about DI Engines. 1-Is there anything I need to do differently while tuning a DI engine as opposed to port injected? 2-Would a DI engine be a good candidate for Forced Induction? I've seen previous posts mentioning some added complexity.

I have a 2013 Camaro LS with a GM LFX 3.6 V6. I've never tuned anything before (unless you count a go cart with a carburetor) and would like to get my feet wet. I've just completed the EFI Tuning Fundamentals course and am about to start the Variable Cam Control and Practical Reflashing courses.

My immediate goal is just to give the stock V6 a little more pep for autox, but I'm seriously considering Mace Cams and a few supporting mods down the road.

Hope Somebody can get back to me soon, Johnathan.

A quad variable cam direct injection engine probably isnt the best way to get your feet wet for tuning.

1. DI engines are a bit of a different beast, as your window for injection is a lot smaller than port injection, where you can essentially inject fuel in the port for the entire engine cycle. As fuel timing effects charge cooling, there is a bit of knowledge and trial and error to get the best result from it, however you need to be mindful of low engine speed pre ignition. Quite often (as a rule of thumb) DI engines, particularly when turbocharged don't take as much timing as a port injected motor to achieve MBT, and are often fuel octane limited in regards to timing.

2. DI engines are great for turbocharging - as you are not taking up port volume with fuel being injected, a greater power output can be achieved, and often a leaner lambda can be safely run. We run a LLT motor with DI/port injection, a split bank plenum and twin turbos for testing an development work.

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